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Does Exercising Make You Drink More Alcohol?

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Comments: Good article, but they mix and match unrelated scenarios. The sxercising rats, that stopped exercising, drank more alcohol. This makes sense as they were no longer getting their reward, so they replaced it with alcohol. Note that earlier studies showed that exercising reduces alcohol intake in rats. So don't stop exercising if you start.

Does Exercising Make You Drink More Alcohol?

Music releases dopamine in reward centers

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Note: Many activities release dopamine in healthy quantities, so this doesn't mean music is "like a drug," in the sense that it can create dependency. Yes, it causes a release of dopamine but so does everything else (opinion) that is rewarding or novel. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, I guess.

Music really is like a drug, researchers say
By Eryn Brown
11:00 AM PST, January 9, 2011

♥Women's tears contain a chemical signal that reduces men's sexual excitement

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Tears dampen arousal
Women's tears contain a chemical signal that reduces men's sexual excitement

[Published 6th January 2011 07:00 PM GMT]

Human tears, once believed to be emotional signals without a biological function, actually contain a chemical that reduces sexual attraction, arousal, and testosterone levels in men, according to a new study published online today (January 6) by Science.

New study suggests personality factors are not associated with porn addiction

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I know this study can read as gibberish, but the important sentence is all by itself. The most important finding in this study is that personality factors were not associated the level of reported problems with Internet porn use (IAT sex score). It has been assumed that predisposing personality defects lead to porn addiction (which they can). It appears the level of reported problems is related to how intense the arousal, and the number of applications used (novelty). That is just what one would expect with an ongoing addiction.

Watch my new 6-part youtube presentation on porn addiction

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I just completed a 6-part, narrated, power point presentation on porn addiction. It covers a lot of ground and explains so much of what we discuss on this site and have written about.
Subjects include - Coolidge effect, dopamine dysregulation, numbed pleasure response, rewiring of the brain, neuroplasticity, reward circuitry, limbic system, what makes Internet porn unique, what is an addiction, rebooting, learning & unlearning, and elk penises.
It was created so that everyone addicted to porn can get the concepts in one place and in a linear and visual format.

Weight Gain Seems to Change the Brains Response to Food -Dopamine/humans

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More evidence in humans of changes seen in animals - numbed pleasure response from overstimulation. A decline in reward activity associated with dopamine dysregulation. This is what is probably occuring with porn addiction - but no one studies it.

Weight Gain Seems to Change the Brains Response to Food
Over time overeating slows peoples built-in reward systems expert suggest

By Jenifer Goodwin
HealthDay Reporter

Stress can be passed down the generations (epigenetics)

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Stressed out: It could be in your genes

To their surprise, neuroscientists have discovered that stress can be passed down the generations – and even though it can be harmful, there is a logical biological reason.

By Laura Spinney
Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stress: there's not a system in your body it doesn't poison in the end. Over time, it raises your blood pressure, increases your chances of infertility and makes you age faster, and that's not all. Remove the source of the stress and all those horrors vanish, right?