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Post-P World is great, but I need to stop M - Day 0

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Hey guys,

I've been Ming too much of the last week. I want to stop this behavior, as I want to get it under control. Granted, it has been to memories of real girls (or the GF). Checking in here has been the best method in changing these habits/addictions in the past. So, anyway, just going to sign in here for the next week or two.

Day 158 - Just about healed

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I started seeing a therapist, and it has helped clear negative thinking patterns a good deal. I feel great. My libido is kicking in. Real women turn me on quite a bit. Real, average women. Mm. The other night the GF and I had some awesome car sex. We just kept going, and it felt wonderful. I felt very dominant, and assertive, and it felt awesome. I didn't really feel a need to stop or to O, I just loved going at it. I really think I'm benefiting from the therapy. But all in all, I have to say it guys. I'm healed. It took nearly two years, but finally, I'm free.

day 155

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i just want to be out where there is lots of skin on this wonderful summer day. beaches, pools, anything. doesn't matter.

Day 151 - What connection means

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Still slipped into MOing today. But the effects aren't so bad this time. Something interesting I've noticed happening lately with my SO is that I feel more attracted to her/more respectful. Recently, I opened up to her about some of my personal struggles, something I kept shut real tight. She was very accepting, and since then I've felt closer to her.

147 / 5

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Feeling a bit better. Working through my depression and not putting pressure on myself to do anything. I'm setting manageable goals, and trying to spend more time with family and friends. I started working out as well. So far, I feel better, but more like "on my way to feeling better"

I'm starting to feel more libido. I can't wait until it fully comes on.

Well anyway, good lucks folks.

Day 146/ Day 4

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Today was pretty productive. I have realized that I am very negative when it comes to my thoughts about myself and my outlook. I easily bring myself down quite a bit. The additction has contributed, but after years of this type of thinking, I'm somewhat vulnerable to it. I was a huge porn addict too. I would PMO for hours and hours a day, for the past 13 years. Every day. Hardly a day off. Dark stuff at times. So, I'm not sweating it too much. I'm learning to develop ways to combat this negative thinking pattern in my life.

Day 145/ Day 3

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Last night's depression got really bad and heavy, and then I realized that I had to work through it. It's funny. Anyway, I did some pushups, and felt a bit better. I've also been surrounding myself with more people. It feels good. Depression can easily suck you dry. Anyway, I felt the libido twitch a few times. But it's only no MO day 3. Can't wait for Day 33.

Day 144 / Day 2

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Woke up feeling shitty, then had super O cravings all day, then got super depressed. I drove to the beach, walked around, and tried to get my mind off it, now back to depressed. The craving thing sucked! It was so strong. Well, day 2 marked off. Here we got no O.

Day 143/Day 1

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So yeah, I think I'm just as addicted to Oing as PMO. I get head cravings to M, it doesn't even require masturbation. I didn't really notice this before. Hm. I definitely notice a subtle difference now. Before, it was worse, however. MOing with fantasy seems to produce way more adverse effects than just Oing alone. weird. I don't know if it has something to do with my recent depression, it's hard to say. Tough stuff.