2012: This is what quitting looks like

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This is what addiction looks like:


1st 51 Days
2nd 3 Days
3rd: 5 Days
4th: 6 Days
5th: 16 Days
6th: 4 Days
7th: 21 Days
8th: 16 Days
9th: 129 Days (not completely strict / MO'D too much, watched images here and there)
10th : 11 Days
11th: 39 Days

Don't give up.



much better. it hasn't shifted so badly. there's a small minor shift, but it's not nearly as noticeable. I did have a pretty strong chaser. But it is better. We've mixed in Karezza as well.

Good for you

Karezza's a powerful perception healer. Here's an excerpt from my book that was my first lesson. It should make you laugh:

I dusted off my Taoist lovemaking book,
and we decided to try making love without
ejaculation. Its male author believed that loss
of semen, not orgasm, was the chief drawback of conventional sex. I took
his word that this was a male issue, and that women’s orgasms were riskfree.
I certainly knew no better—yet.
The book contained lots of tips on how men could gain mastery over
the urge to ejaculate. It recommended tightening the muscles around the
prostate gland, clenching the teeth, counting breaths, and various other
forceful techniques—all of which I later learned are not nearly as effective,
or healthful, as a very gradual, more relaxed approach to intercourse itself.
In any event, Alex insisted that he did not need any instructions.When
we made love, however, it was business as usual. That is, he ejaculated. And
for the next several days exactly the same thing happened, despite his genuine
intention to avoid orgasm. I kept suggesting he study the manual but
he was growing increasingly irascible.When I pointed out that, according
to the book, his short temper might be due to the effects of orgasm itself,
he blew.
“You are crazy to suggest ejaculation has a negative effect on men,” he
bristled. “I’m a psychologist. If that were the case, I would know about it.
If you keep talking like this, you’re going to be in a mental institution
explaining this to your shrink!”
I could see that further argument would just make things worse, and it
occurred to me how nice it would be if he just got on the next train! I managed
a stony silence. Finally he exploded, “I can see you are not going to
listen to a word I say until I read that book!”

“That’s right, Alex,” I admitted.
“Okay, what do I have to read?”
I showed him the four or five pages that explained the techniques mentioned
above for men to avoid orgasm.
He flipped through the directions and announced, “Let’s go try it.”
At that point I was ready to give up the whole idea. This rather unchivalrous
invitation did not resemble any of my mental images of inspired
union. Still, I longed to know if the ideas had any merit.
We made love according to the instructions. He clenched and counted
and completed the encounter without ejaculating. Then he amazed me by
saying, “I do not believe it. I don’t feel unsatisfied. I don’t have . . . uh . . .
blue balls. Thank you for teaching me this!” As astonishing as his newfound
enthusiasm was, an even greater surprise followed. Over the next twentyfour
hours he was a different man. His anger evaporated and his heart
opened.Whereas before he had assured me that he did not need a partner
because he was on a spiritual path, now he opened up and talked about
how much he had always wanted a mate and was confused by his inability
to stay in relationship.
The biggest shift of all was that he saw me in a completely different
light. Forgetting all about institutionalization, he said, “You are so spiritual
and generous. God must be really proud of you for sticking to this despite

so much resistance.” I felt transformed also.My heart cracked open with
gratitude and I could clearly see his angelic qualities. I remember thinking,
“Thank you for showing me this man’s true beauty.”
I vowed that I had just had my last pointless meltdown with a lover. I
could taste the potential for mutual adoration and satisfying intimacy in
the new concept and was more determined than ever to master this unconventional
approach to sex.
As it turned out, I had more senseless meltdowns ahead because some
of the vital clues about how one eludes our genes’mating objectives were
missing from the sacred sex manuals I devoured.