69/2 (had sex)

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so i think allowing weekly masturbation during this process has dramatically slowed my progress. I can say, however, that although I've jerked it plenty, I can't remember the last time it felt good. Most of the time, it feels unremarkable. So, I've cut off the jerking it completely, and apparently fell into a flat line. Normally, when I'm around this girl I've been hanging out with, I get a boner just by hugging her. We had sex a few nights ago and I just couldn't get into it. Weird, huh? It felt like a chore, and I was bored the whole time. I just felt like going to sleep or reading a book. Strange. Well, anyway, I have a long way to go still....without masturbation. She and I don't really have sex that often, so we'll see how the next one goes. I normally get pretty hard, but this time everything was just "meh".


Thanks for sharing this

It does sound kinda like a flatline. The guys with sexual performance problems usually do best to refrain from masturbation until their brains are well back in balance, but everyone's probably slightly different.

What was the longest you went without masturbation duringyour reboot?

not long at all

maybe two weeks at best. but i would usually go 1-3 times over the weekend, and the hangover would last for most of the following week. The last time I had sex, the effects were different. But I am most definately in a flatline. I can tell. My girl looks cute, but I go in and out of interest. I feel my brian slowly healing. And today, I am experiencing a strong craving for porn. Weird. My addiction was pretty bad - and this has been a one year battle....I didn't expect it to be this long, but this hasn't been easy at all. This is my best attempt so far.