On the boat again! Day 1

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So, messed up the other day - got drunk and just messed up. Whatever, I'm back on the boat. No cravings, just getting through it again! I'm surprisingly optimistic, I don't know why either. I guess I just get less into each time there's a slip up. Like this relapse didn't trigger an all day binge like I've had before. So, I'm taking it as progress. I'm still living life, and it's getting better.


Do you think

that it's making a difference, even though the changes have been slow due to the relapses? I've watched less porn this year than in the last 10 years. I find it easier to get it together after the relapses. Mine have been: 54 days, 7 days, 3 days, ... , and more recently 16 days. I do feel the progress is slow - but I haven't had any real noticeable desire for girls. I did notice that I was developing a nice real connection to the last girl I was seeing - more than I had in a few years. So I know it was working. I'm pretty content right now, but I am well aware that I'm missin out on life.