Day 24

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So Hi. Not much to say. Just checking in. I will say this. Every successful reboot I've had (or streak), was a direct result of posting here. Something about the accountability just helps so much. Thank you guys so much for your support - and especially Marina. Sometimes, just a few empathetic words can do so much. They truly do mean a lot, even when I can't seem to think straight. Thanks for your support everyone. Let's keep on trucking.


Glad it helps

It's very hard to think "against" the reward circuitry of the brain. That's what's behind all addiction. We're supposed to be able to trust this part of our brain implicitly. So when it goes out of whack it can make us feel rudderless, or like we're being tricked into doing the "wrong thing."

You just have to keep rolling no matter what. The good news is that as your brain comes back into balance the "right" things will also be the healthy things.