96/5 still working on it

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So I've gone 96 days without porn and 5 days without masturbation or orgasm. I'm proud of myself for avoiding porn while going through a masturbation phase, but I must admit it has been a temptation. Erections are no problem. I'm getting them all the time. In fact, I wish I had someone to share them with. :) Luckily, I haven't had them in any embarrassing situations. For someone who used to have ED, I can definitely say that rebooting works! Avoiding porn if you happen to masturbate is also a good idea. Rebooting happens a lot faster.

Emotionally, I'm still working on things. I'm reading an excellent book on happiness by Martin Seligman. I have to admit though, when I'm feeling super horny (like right now), it's hard to feel happy. But life is still better all round without PMO. Even when I'm masturbating to orgasm on a regular basis, I feel groggy and depressed. Now I just feel frustrated and angry, which is better than depression. And I don't feel frustrated all the time, just specific moments when I feel the need for release.

Anyway, still looking for balance or the end of my singleness or both. But ruling out porn from your life is a good idea no matter what.


Right now

I'm dirt poor, but I plan to ask some women out next month when I have money again. It's also a matter of finding my courage.