Fun video I just saw on sexuality

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Once I learned about karezza,

Once I learned about karezza, I really wondered why karezza is so very unknown. It's still a mystery to me...

I liked this video a lot because it really accurately showed how confused teens are learning about sexuality (was very relatable haha), how slow our culture evolves, and how much guilt and craziness society has regarding sexuality.

I definitely related a lot to the girl haha. I saw lots of my 16 year old self in her. Finding my first porn online, etc. haha.

Hope you like the video. Smile

I found it on reddit a couple hours ago

As to what you've said about

As to what you've said about karezza being unknown,

The knowledge of slow lovemaking has been out there, I think most people have just been in a state of mind that prevents them from seeing it or finding it, like confirmation bias, but I think it can go beyond that, I think, in a sense, we can shape our own realities, so it doesn't exist for most people, but I think alot of people are starting to Awaken.

I've always liked this quote "..who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.." -CJ