1 Month Down...

Submitted by Hockeygod28 on
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Havent been on the site for quite some time but figured it was time to update my blog. Ive been working in a remote place for the summer in an area with little wifi, no cell service and just surrounded by pure nature. It was an awesome life experience and I am now a month down of no masturbation and no porn. Lots of ups and downs, cant say that I feel any better, but my libido is for sure gone. The voices in my head havent stopped, they keep on pushing but I just roll it off my shoulders and do my best to not react emotionally because that is the key. But ive decided to see a counsellor about this issue in the next coming weeks, she specializes in this HOCD issue and does hypnosis. I dont know how well it will go but at least im trying to get myself help, I need someone to remind me how im doing, its just how i work, I think it has to do with my low confidence. I recently had a wet dream, but Im not thinking of it as a relapse because its natural. I go back to university in a couple of days and I already have a girl ive been talking too for a while, im afraid though that I wont have the libido to do things when she wants to during the first week which is party week.