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So I still have yet to beat my record of two weeks clean. I tied it last time, about 4 days ago or so. I slipped up again yesterday because I had this terrible dream about someone in my family dying and then I couldn't get in touch with my parents for 4 days... scary stuff. Anyway, I ended up PMOing, not out of any desire really, but just because I needed something to occupy my mind other than worry. Of course I finally heard back that everything was ok not too long after I slipped :/ So today I had a friend of mine come over to watch a movie. I knew she was into me and we started making out. I got hard on the couch no problem, but then when we went to the bed, it wasn't very responsive. Eventually I got up and started having sex with her (using protection of course). I'm very happy to report that I was maintaining an erection for roughly 5 min or so and could have kept going, except my position was uncomfortable (I'm a tall dude so it's awkward sometimes). But even more than the fact that I could maintain is the fact that I was actually ENJOYING sex, something unknown to me. Had I continued in the same position, I doubt I could have climaxed, but it was still a great sign of improvement. Although still and embarrassing moment for me, it has also given me hope by showing me the progress I've made. Now if I could just keep my hands off of myself for 2 months, I'm pretty confident I can beat this thing. For anyone wondering, it's been about 3 months and 4 weeks of me trying to go clean. I've managed clean streaks of 2 weeks two times, with many periods of 3-5 days clean. Had this whole time been completely clean, who knows where I could be. Just goes to show this can work if I really apply myself, but god it's hard!


Well hey!

Congratulations. Once you see the light at the end of the tunnel it gets easier.

Are you masturbating to porn? If you must climax, try without (and try to avoid the chaser, too Wink ). Do You Need A Chaser After Sex?

Also, if your sweetie is open to it, do other things in the bedroom for a while rather than rushing to put performance pressure on yourself. Let her wait, but let her know you think she's hot some other way.

Good luck!