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Good to see some familliar

Good to see some familliar old friends here after all these years. I'm super behind on what is going on with all of you, and starting to feel the warmth and old sense of community still going strong here, it's tempting to want to spend a lot of time on Reuniting! Alas, I'm a mother of a three year old now, my life is radically changed since I was in my bachelorette phase when last posting here.

Long story short, parenting is hard-core stuff. Not for the faint of heart. As my shamanic astrologer told me, in the past few years, to put it bluntly, I've had the shit shaken out of me. A real initiation into self healing which I am ultimately grateful for but I assure you, after pitocin, epidural, anesthesia, antibiotics, and optiates my lymphatic health went to shit. A few migraines a week for a few years is not so sex conducive. Add on to that not sleeping through the night until just this past month due to attending to my son every night multiple times, plus two years of nursing while having compromised digestion. Oh yeah and on top of that I got really into researching vaccines in my quest to try to make an intelligent decision in the face of this insane vaccine schedule we have here in the US, and got quite wrapped up in the rather stressful wormhole that is the vaccine debate.

I have basically been more or less a wreck for a few years, and in the midst of that had to rediscover my core self, find my voice, heal most of my major organs, get really angry at western medicine, learn how to cure my migraines completely and naturally, and find my purpose in life: which is to work as a health advocate and coach helping people, but especially women, to recover from being poisoned by western meds.

So that's how I've been doing! Sex is not a huge part of my life. We have sex about once a week and it is good ol' conventional sex. A week feels like an eternity to me. I would like it to be more. But life is just so incredibly busy and fast-paced. Some serious restructuring needs to take place. But short of high-tailing it for the boonies and heading back to the intentional community I grew up in, I'm not really sure what the options are. We're taking things one day at a time. My husband remains the most incredible, warm-hearted, handsome, smart, sexy, and easygoing person I've ever met. I am blessed to be married to him.

Great to hear that you have a

Great to hear that you have a wonderful husband as you sort through all these important things! Great to hear that you nursed for two years; both your son and you are physically and emotionally better for such, I bet. Great to hear that you are on the natural healing path, and will be helping women with such, too.

It appears to me that personal health problems or those of our children is what wakes many of us up to the horrors of Western medicine and food (I only woke up to this with the onset of our daughter's depression). Then, when one wakes up to the lies of modern medicine and diet, one is much more open to listening about related subjects, such as sexual continence (I think the pushing of orgasms is purposeful, as The Cabal knows it fosters unhappiness, disconnectedness, and loss of physical and mental powers, all of which make us better slaves for taxes and negative emotions, which The Cabal feeds off of).

Best wishes on motherhood and marriage, and I am glad that you are getting a full night's rest, now!