Day 09

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Last two days have been great, the girl i like went to the cinema with me and we ended up kissing and having a great time. So on the happy side at the moment.
Not PMO'd at all, this new girl is a big motivation!
I told her about my situation and the issues I have in the bedroom and she was totally cool about it and was even open to karezza when we talked about it which is great.
Note to self, no karezza until at least a month of no PMO'ing.
Had a dream last night yet again about masturbating, it was so vivid and convincing :S No morning wood or sexual drive or any erections of any kind, it's quite scary :S never been this long without some form of erection. Wonder when I will get some sex drive back :S


Stay calm

Everyone's different. But many guys think having a real girlfriend to kiss and touch is very helpful. It's better for the relationship to start slowly.

When you two feel ready for karezza you can even start with "soft entry" if you are feeling bold. Technique is explained in this book: Tantric Sex For Men.RICHARDSON Can be a good way to get past performance there is no "performance."

If you want to read ED recovery stories, go here and scroll down: PORN & ED