Day 160 - still going!

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Things have been going ok. Still not having enough sex with my wife - it seems that during the week it's not really on her mind and if I don't initiate something at the weekend, then it doesn't happen. I have started getting into the bathroom first though before bed which means that I don't come into the bedroom 3 mins after her to find her asleep. She can literally fall asleep in 10 seconds. This has meant a bit more that we have a bit more time to cuddle. I have been making the effort to cuddle more in the morning too. However it hasn't changed things. Without sounding too full of it she is satisfied in bed I can assure you. So the next thing I will do is have a proper chat, half proper chats and hints have been made before.
However I haven't tempted to my old ways despite feeling 'horny'.
It's funny because in the past when we weren't having much sex and I was getting on top of the addiction I was fine with it and didn't mind. But now that I am managing it very well and have been for a while I find that I am a bit horny! Although unlike before that doesn't seem to drive me to all sorts of depravity on-line although the thought has entered my head I know that it will not help my life at all.