Day 203 - managing ok

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Well today is 203 for me and I came on here because I am a bit stressed about a few things - money and lots to do and I found it interesting that even after more than 200 days of no M or porn/web-cam use that I still had the urge for a 'release' when I felt this stressed. I knew it would help me relax. But rationalising it very quickly I know that it won't help anything in the long run in fact it will do the opposite. I could see the old behaviours there but was detached from them.
So as I read a few things on here I started to feel better about things and celebrate the successes of the last 6 months and the difference it has made to my life.
We are off on holiday for nearly 3 weeks this friday and I have set myself the goal of writing my re-boot account before we leave.
I haven't had much time to read and comment on here lately but for anyone that reads this and is just starting out remember this - it can be done by you and only you and with the help here. However it will take time months, not weeks. Nothing worthwhile is achieved in a short time.