A good day

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Yesterday was a good day.

I had a few urges/thoughts/images but I didn't crumble or rush off and hide. I spent some time recognising the thoughts, thinking about how they made me feel and then thinking of what the long term effect of giving in to them would be.

Really back in to the work and listening to music too. No training though, as although it helps me with the addiction, if I train when I have lost time because of PMO, it adds to the shame and I don't find it a positive experience. I try to use it as a reward. I will be out on the bike today.

Spent a lot of time reading about nature/nurture and sex/addiction. It seems that people seem either see it one way or another which makes talking about it difficult.

My wife was away last night and I watched the film 'Shame' which is about a sex addict. I have wanted to watch it for a long time so I had to seize the opportunity. I would not recommend it if you are easily triggered. Although I didn't find it arousing at all. It was an incredibly well made film. The more you look at it, look at what's missing from it and look at the different levels in the film the more you realise just how well made it is.

Let's have another day!