UPDATE: We're together and 30 day reboot challenge

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We're together

It's been over a year since I posted "We can't seem to break the bond - now a long distance relationship".

We survived last years long distance relationship. That time taught us so much and led to huge growth in our relationship. And how far we've progressed since. We've met and got to know each other's families, she read my entire reuniting.info blog, I emigrated when her VISA expired, we moved in together, got a joint bank account and recently bought a plot of land in the mountains complete with a small log cabin. We move in when I return, living together in our own space and working the land to restore the garden. When finances allow we're going to build our dream house here. It's not all been plain sailing, we've had our bumps, but we're strong and become more equipped with every problem we face.

Hopefully I'll write more to fill in the gaps and she'll join the conversation. I was pleased to hear her say my writing matched my spoken words, with no significant disparities. We've yet to take the tantric / karezza route but keep it up our sleeves and use whenever we need a high level of closeness and vulnerability. We've talked about doing a 30 day experiment, I'm sure we will in the future, collaboratively blogging our experiences.

30 day reboot challenge

Day 1 of no masturbation whilst away from my girlfriend for the next month (business / family visits) day 25 of 55 apart. I hate being this touch starved.

My masturbation levels had increased and peaked yesterday at three times in a day, triggered by online shopping for a lingerie present. It felt very regressive.

It's a slippery slope, masturbation is bringing me little pleasure, leaving me depleted and drained. I want to channel this energy into something more productive whilst we're apart and I detach from an unfulfilled sexual desire in the absence of my mate.


how wonderful

great to hear about your life and progress.

Someone posted here recently about masturbating with an edgy technique that involved no fantasy and that stimulated the front of their penis only...while I am not a fan of masturbation particularly, you might want to try that and see how it serves you. 

The key is to avoid fantasy when you are masturbating in any event.

Let us know how it goes.