.. a relapse

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After some 9-10 weeks of absolutely no PMO, last weekend I indulged in a session of porn use and edging, i.e. without orgasm. What a pain. I wasn't feeling depressed, in fact I had run a race in the morning and had brunch with a friend, but... I was alone, and bored, and tired. Anyway, this weekend I will make sure I am spend as little time on my own at home as possible. Also going to buy some new clothes and get a haircut so that I feel a bit more confident going out...


Thanks Marnia, I dont think I

Thanks Marnia, I dont think I had come across that acronym - it's good to remember. Going forward, I hope my posts will be more about my progress in forging stronger relationships and making new connections, and less about the internal struggle....

thanks for the support !

thanks for the support ! Documenting the internal struggle is frustrating. My aim over the next few months is to make much more concrete progress in making connections with women in the real world.