Addiction in general

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Since beginning the book (CPA) about three weeks ago, I have been paying much more attention to my cravings and unconscious actions. I have identified several addictive behaviors in my life that I have used to self-medicate my mood.

1) Viewing videos and stories online and masturbating to them.
2) Eating/drinking high-sugar items.
3) Orgasm-seeking sex.

Just being aware of the fact that these are cravings and now knowing why I am feeling them has helped me a lot. Now that I am more aware of them, I can stop myself from unconsciously grabbing for another dopamine rush. I am able to stop and consider if this is something that "I" want to do or if this is something that "my brain" wants me to do. "I" don't always get my way, but at least I'm aware of what is happening now.

Baby steps.