day 16 - talking about mood swings

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I woke up this morning a little bit depressed, the fact it was mondah could contribute to that haha.
Brought my girl to her work and went to my own work. Felt a bit numb trough the day. Went away with my boss' car to help some customers. I began te feel happy just all of a sudden. I was positive and happy. My concentration was very good. I felt very present, was interested in conversations with others. This was a glimpse of the old me. I felt really happy to see my girl again after work.

We had dinner together at my place and did some homework, it was late in the evening my moods began to shift again. I felt a bit irrotated and depressed by her. But it was totally unrelated tp her beceause she did nothing wrong. Perhaps we are seeing eachother too much lately. This scared me again. And her ofcourse. Is something wrong with our relationship? Dont I love her anymore. Anxiety is back. But I wont let it win, i just think about the great time we had thos weekend and just looking forward to see her again. I just crave bonding with her. I like the spooning, touching and kuddling. I love the private time with her, we dont have that during weekdays beceause we are freakin' busy all the time


Just do what you're doing...

observe, stay a bit detached...that is, don't "buy into" the ideas your brain concocts while your neurochemistry is swinging up and down. It's like a pendulum. Eventually, it will settle in the center and your perception will be more consistent.