day 6

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I have suffered from the chaser effect the first two days. Was extremly horny and depressed. Whenever I thought of my girlfriend, I got a scary feeling that I was falling out of love. But this type of mood seems to swing during the day, It usally lasts a couple of hours and then fades away. It is fascinating to see how your perception on things can change just by neurochemistry. (at least I think it is). I notice my bad/depressed feelings are a lot less whenever I get up in the morning, or after a shower. Also, working out helps a lot! After a run from 30min I begin to feel good again, vibrant, alive. But at the end of the evening I'm pretty down again, quit, introvert.

Today I noticed some ED when I went for a shower and my girlfriend was standing in front of me in her lingery. I didn't get excited the way I normally felt. Usually I get a boner instantly when I see her partially naked. Now...nothing happened. Very weird but I think everyone might expierience it during their reboot time.

Meanwhile I'm seeing my psychologist again and we're doing some tests at the moment to check wether I have ADD or not. At least there are strong suggestions that enable us to do some further research. Main reason for this is I have suffered from major concentration problems, thus giving me bad grades in school. I will keep you guys updated.


Good going man.

Hi jigsaw,

Just read your post. I think I know some of what you are saying. I think the flaccid penis while seeing your girlfriend is ok, maybe you are just starting the flatline phase? I got through that during my reboot last year it was part of the process.

I also found as I went Porn free and my neurochemistry balanced my moods drastically improved, both depression and anxiety.

Great you are seeing someone to determine if you have add, I also think brain imbalance affects our concentration and focus.

Stay strong you are doing great.

Good luck

sorting things out.

Perception definitely shifts with neurochemistry. Ask any woman who suffers from PMO.

It's evident that climax causes ripples for some folks too, although psychiatrists aren't yet taught this. They're taught to look for sexual "issues" like shame (counseling), and "conditions" like ADD(meds) - instead of considering the possiblity that a post-O cycle and post-addiction recovery are normal for many people. There's a lot to learn.

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