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Karezza Journeys

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We've decided to start collecting cohesive accounts of people's experiences in incorporating karezza into their sex lives for the benefit of other visitors.

If you would like to contribute a description of your experience, add it in the Comments below and it will be transferred it to a separate page.

Karezza Journeys:

Long-Distance Karezza?

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(Rachel) I think time away from each other is a wonderful way to learn to be creative in how you express yourself, whether it be through e-mails, texts, photos you send, or conversations. It's so easy to relate to someone when you are always together and you can sometimes get lazy...but when you can find ways to stay fresh even though you are apart, that is a great achievement.

How much movement?

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(emerson) There's no right or wrong, but here are some comments:

If you can "go forever" at a certain pace, then do that.

There are moments of quiet stillness for us, and moments of more motion and "doing". The moments of stillness I find very sublime but they are made possible with the moments of more motion.

In general, this becomes far slower and more of a savor-thing than a move around and do thing.

Scheduling encounters to increase harmony

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(emerson) My wife was deeply worried that I would be unhappy now that I quit masturbating and am looking solely to our sexual union to meet my needs. I, in turn, became very clingy and needy and altogether unpleasant.

We had some conversations about it. I said, "Let's try to have regular snuggly time, with or without intercourse, every day, before bedtime and upon waking."

She said, "That seems too rules-based and mechanical."

Random karezza benefits

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(clarity - female) Today I gave a presentation and totally rocked it! Also, I could read the crowd really well. And I could feel when I was done and that if I kept going it would all start to unravel. So I just stopped. Yeah, much easier than usual.