Day 5 again-withdrawal

Submitted by Kevin on
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Well, 5 days without o and must admit am feeling low. I also ran 17 km yesterday and was up late working,so that could be it too.
I find though that when I'm really tired like this, I want some high intensity porn or other online intrigue.
I looked at a website I shouldnt have for a minute, not porn, but close enough.
I also want to isolate and rest. My wife is really bonding with our baby boy, and I feel really withdran and detached. I find I'm much more playful and interactive with the baby when she's not around--she tends to really take over, which my own mom used to do. My father sort of let her handle the kids--he was easier to talk to when she wasn't there.
I guess I need to go patiently with this process.
I'd also like some bonding/ intercourse with wife later...but feel a bit like I want to take some of her positive energy.
Grateful I've got two weeks without porn, and like to keep it that way. Some of the porn memories are fading too, I have to admit, the desire for taboos and intensity is there though.