Day One no orgasm, hopeful, reuniting back up!

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So after a really good February with a couple of lapses I'm starting at Day One again.
The gift of another day !
I was doing very well, until I started feeling some pride and self pity because my wife wasn't giving me obvious signs of affection ( but lots of subtle ones which I didn't notice until later) so one day I peeked on some shit on the Internet which ignited the compulsion, old behaviours, orgasm.
Then I had hot sex with wife last night. I told her after that now, after a good two weeks, I want to aim for a month.
Ideally I'll go longer, but I want to stay positive. Today I'll take supplements and try to keep positive and be the change I want to see in our relationship.
PS: the new yourbrainrebalanced cannot replace this site, which has the feminine wisdom, the science, mysticism, karezza, etc. Marnia, Gary, this site is an incredible contribution to humanity. I really missed it when it was down. God bless you and your work.