Good News...

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no bad news this time.

Part of my issue has been that for years I have been inadequately aroused by my wife. I find her extremely beautiful, very attractive from a "need to have sex with that woman" point of view, intellectually stimulating and much more...but due to my being PIED I have found it increasingly difficult to be sexually aroused by her enough for PIV. In the "final" stages of my affliction (just a few short weeks ago), I was unable to be sexually aroused by ANYTHING. I was thinking that I was hopelessly dysfunctional until I watched the videos on yourbrainonporn.

Now for the news.

Earlier today, we were in the kitchen. I was nude (I am a nudist wanna be...but no real outlet for it except on my country may not want to drive by during my morning chores). She was wearing a stretchy tank top without a bra and some yellow shorts. She was turning from the sink as I was turning to face her. I just had to caress her sensually covered breasts, and nibble her neck. Lo and behold, I started to get an erection. Unfortunately, we had things we were doing and so did not further pursue the moment, but I am very, very encouraged.