3 weeks...and its easy, as ABC

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Still no PMO, 3 weeks officially today. Not too many changes...been erection free since a week or two ago when I made out with some nurse (the erection came later, after I went to sleep). Flatline is trippy. I constantly wonder about my buddy. My weiner is my buddy.

The main changes that I have noticed:

Random energy...I was walking to a friend's house last night after being on my feet all day, and began to run. I was sweaty

My Face...I think I have somehow gotten better looking. Flattering facial definitions are appearing/becoming more refined. I'm getting these cute lines near the edge of my eyes when I smile, and my dimples are more pronounced. I also believe my skin is improving.

Girls....They've always loved the limppimp, so it is hard for me to discern whether the attention I am getting is due to my lack of PMO or the fact that I have a profile that would make a Roman coin jealous.

Exercise...I have not been to the gym in a bit, but have been doing sporadic push-ups, jogging, and pullups (things that I am not opposed to, but usually do not do)..I am losing weight, but I do not mind, I think I still look fine.

YOUTUBE...the chicks, in humorous videos are almost too sexy. They make me think of my porn days and when I see certain hot chicks on YouTube doing hot things, I feel a certain sensation or slight rumble in my buddy.. I have to avoid videos a bit.

Sleep..I do not think I am sleeping as well recently, but I have had problems with that for a bit.