6 Weeks and Counting

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Not too much has changed.

The cravings to touch myself are stronger than ever before...sometimes I sit for minutes on end, just toiling.

I still cannot get an erection just from touch, unless it is in the morning and I have something to start with. My mornings, since I am on the topic, are somewhat erect. They last a little, but go down when I mentally pay attention to them

Just needed to post something to take the edge off. I know that if things are tougher now, after being so easy, I am near the end.



I have no

lady friends right now, Marnia. I am in a bad spot in my journey. Other than this reboot, this period of my life is a bit of a stain.

I should have a lady, and am working on it currently. You will here soon enough.

Yes, you told me

I just want to remind you that, in the meantime, testing your own touch is not necessarily indicative of what will happen after you spend some quality time with a partner. Smile