Day 26...

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The thirst is real.. I get the worst urges, but my wiener is still kinda dead. I have been having slight morning woods, but only slight because I have been waking up in weird ways/do not sleep that well.

On Day 24 I went to the bars with my boys and things were lovely. It was a struggle, though, because the bars had literally no girls out that night and I came out to mingle with ladies. Made out with a cute Czech-chick, and my boys noted that she was probably the only available girl at the bar we were at. Got her number, but I do not think much will come out of it.

Things have been interesting as far as the female attraction levels go. I still can't determine if it is placebo or not, but the ladies are eyeballing your boy pretty hard. As we were leaving the bar, after I had been macking on the Czech-chick, I was walking past the outer deck of nearby place and a cute blonde was standing on the outside talking to her friends and some wack looking bros ,who were failing to hit on them. I stared at her a bit while walking and she started looking back and smiling. She was looking so hard that she physically turned her body and looked around the goons she was talking to, to maintain eye-contact with me. It was gratifying and flattering, but I just kept walking with my boys so as to not miss our bus.

This week I have noticed frequent leakage. I am desperate to get off...I need lovin!!!


Well, moat guys find that

resistance now means better performance when it counts later.

It's curious that sometimes libido recovery and erectile health are a bit out of sync at first. But I suspect that when opportunity knocks, you'll be ready!

Thanks for the support!!

But when will it happen?!

I don't plan to P...but that MO urge is strong. I will fight until the glorious day that a female knows me as a man.

First random boner of the midday, in a while , happened today when I was walking back to my house.