Im on Day 17

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The night before last, I had another wet dream. Still no sex in the dream that I can remember, I suspect it was due to a protein shake near bedtime. That evening I was having problems falling asleep and was rolling around a bunch...I kinda wanted a wet dream too, now that I think about it.

I was slowly descending onto a celebrity, that I do not even like that much.

Dreams are more vivid nowadays.

Last night I had a crazy, multi-part, dream. It wasn't a very fun dream, nor something that could happen in real life, but it was realistic and ridiculous.

I am terribly "horny" during the day, if that's what you would call it. During the work day I sneak peeks at my female manager. I even took a creepy deep look at her work/social media profile. Asked a family-friend out, but she does not live in the area anymore, so I am just lying in wait.



Since I have

moved back home with mom and dad, I have literally no female friends. In all, I have 2 friends. I used to kick it with a couple nice ladies, before moving home.

Now I am trapped.

ALSO, I had another WD last night. This one was different. Right at the point, when I was waking up, I got this weird feeling, as if I think I could now control them....we shall see.

I will try to be less weird about my manager....I feel like a lame, but I know that for life to be good, its gotta suck sometimes/in some ways.

There must be

some social options around. Start that you have a paycheck, or will soon.

Good luck with the WDs. Let us know if you come up with any tips.