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This happened around a month ago or so. Is not the first time it happens but I think it’s worth reporting it to the blog of reuniting.

For clarity :

I’m not a regular porn-user nor I usually masturbate in a frequent way. For the past 2 (more or less) years I just masturbated when I found sexual craving pressing to hard, and mostly I tried to do it in a relaxed, *connected way*. I do have seen softcore movies or *soft porn* during this last two years but it has been on counted occasions and most of the time it did not had a too strong hangover. Now I'm much more interested to find a partner with whom explore deeper and more meaningful ways of exchange.

The event :

I was on the train coming back from the city, where I had gone for the day to do some group meditation. It was a late train ( around 8:00 or 9:00 PM ). Usually these trains are not too crowded but surprisingly this time it was. I did go on it and took a seat.

I had connected with a woman visually in the platform while waiting the train so I sat down not far from her and put my music and started the *game* that I sometimes I play while I'm on train:

I try to look for some interesting woman with whom I feel connected energetically ( it doesn’t need to be a very subtil connection, a broad one is already ok ! ) and try to connect with her thgough eye gazing.

So I was doing that, and some ‘sexual energy arousal’ ( note that I’m explicitly not saying just ‘sexual arousal’ ) came from it. It was nice but more and more people came into the train and the connection got a bit frustated.

The moment :

Another interesting girl with a big dog sat next to me, the train was full. At first I didn’t notice her much, but after few minutes I did realize she had quite an attractive energy. We could look at each other’s eyes though the opposite window to us as it was night and our shapes among the shapes of the other passengers were reflected there.

Suddenly I noticed that both of our knees where getting quite close. I started feeling quite an intense energy between both, it was like really intimate, but it felt quite strange to feel that intimacy energy with a girl you just had noticed her 5 minutes ago for the first time.

Both knees where getting closer and closer, you could feel quite a lof of heat or energy already between them and even feel the energy beyond my own body and going on to hers. I did push my knee ( almost in a unconscious, conscious way ) few militers more towards hers.

Finnally both knees got into contact, it was a quite powerful experience to be happenging there on the middle of the train, even embarrasing.

I had my eyes closed just to focus on what was happening. I opened my eyes few moments to look at her and she was trying to do as if she was asleep, but she didn’t appear as asleep at all !

Both knees kind of melted in energy. Then even the external parts of both legs. It was very warm, but at the same time with a lot energy movement on those areas. Even the dog, who was resting under her seat, looked like intrigued…

So we both just melted on the situation and that subtil intimate connection.

Later, my stop arrived, so I kind of came back to reality, woke up and went out of the train.

I really felt anew and my whole self was vibrating in a peaceful way.

It felt as if I had undergone a night of deep connected love with a special woman.

I didn’t ask her phone or said something to her when the opportunity was there while on the train.

I think it had broken the moment and the situation. Words were just not appropiate.

I don’t feel it was a girl with whom I had went on something more, I think it was much more the moment, the situation, the actual openeness and willingness at that time towards that kind of encounter between both parts.

Thats it !! ☼ ☼ ☼




I found it rather what a miss.

I read somewhere, that every moment is a chance to meet the great love of you life. Must have the courage to take every chance you get. But don't bother yourself with regrets. If it didn't happen, it means it was not really meant to be.