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Got some potential news which will keep me out of the house for most of the week. This is good for me, because it will mean I will have to allocate time to study, then computer/TV and then bed. This means less time to focus on PMO (I hope). This is all theoretical, but it's a start.

Now, onto the bad news. I ended up going onto a softcore film I like and stopped short of watching the porn scene. However, it was the texture of the woman's skin and all that which is the bad news. It feels like you're on auto-pilot when you do it. You know it's bad, yet you do it anyway. I woke up with tons of thoughts about the film and thought, 'if I just look at a little bit of the film, the non-porn bit, then I'll be fine and I'll remember why it's bad.' Haha, wrong.

Still full of the white stuff. Still flat lining.

What is this masturbation schedule I've seen on some blogs? How on earth do you masturbate to sensations and not think back to porn or illicit thoughts? (I don't want to masturbate. This got me curious.)


Insightful articles.

I remember being 11 years old and masturbating for the first time (no porn). I almost passed out due to the excitement, adrenaline and sweat. It was so intense.

Will be a while before I get back to that stage.