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Not much to report other than my sexual feelings are all over the place. Had a few wobbly moments when I thought 'I've had enough. I need to masturbate', but decided against it.

I've not had a sexual dream yet, which is strange, because when I did masturbate, I used to get them at least once a week.

Onwards and upwards.


I'm trying to focus on my work.

Studies and my part time project at the side of things. The yeast infection doesn't help. Low sugar and naturally, a lower mood. Exercise, reading, writing, volunteering, studying, fill my time. If I can get a more 'full-time' thing going, (which could be confirmed this week if all goes well), then that's most of the day sorted in terms of distractions.

The only dodgy moments would then come on Sundays. All in theory of course :)

The only non-sugar carbs

is oat bran. That actually absorbs the liquid and expands inside your stomach, also preventing sugar from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

It's pretty difficult trying to look for a pick-me-up. I'm going to be retested in a few weeks to see what I'm allergic to. Hopefully, some of the things would've disappeared.

Doing good

It's good to have others doing this at the same time, and a relief to stay busy. I've been inwardly pretty all over the place these last 13 days and I'm so glad I made it this far. It can only get (nonlinearly) better from here so keep up the good work.