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Well, I managed to complete the 17th day until I relapsed. I couldn't get to sleep, regardless of what I did. My mind was filled images and that was it. I was literally like a sex monster in the middle of the night.

So today, I am exhausted due to no sleep, and I can't tell what's due to the lack of sleep and what's due to the porn and masturbation. I suppose the only thing I did notice was that my penis felt fuller, and it was damn difficult to grasp.

Now, I'm back to the start, but with some added experience on what to expect feelings wise. I was tempted to scrap this and not bother returning to the site like I did last year, but the fear of my memory being poor come July is what has brought me back to make myself accountable.

I think watching the pre-porn softcore film the other day (skipped over the porn) didn't help matters. Oh well, I will crack this sooner rather than later. The weather is shocking over here, so I'm stuck indoors until next week.

Oh well. Onwards and upwards.


Did you consider

masturbating without porn? That might have enabled you to get to sleep and not ended up in a binge.

Just saying....

17 days was a good run. You can do better next time.

Get outside, bad weather or not. Find a mall to wander around in or a coffee shop or something. Make eye contact. Smile.