Cuddling and no reaction.Why?

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A water on my mill wheel,at least I think so.The bipolar girl whom I was with in a distant relationship broke up with me,because she found another guy.And the girl I like went out with me for a couple of time,and now she is my girlfriend.She is catholic like I and she is very religious.She said to me that she is a virgin and that she is mad about me.She is working on the cruiser ship and in early May she is going away for the 6 months.Anyway for the time beeing she wants me to make love with her when she returns,my ability to wait for her and remain faithfull to her will show her that I am the guy who she wants and that I am worth of her. So, I got 7 months to sober up from PMO.The problem is that I noticed these symptoms with her: 1.No need or thinking about PMO since I am in a calm and nice relation with her. 2.I do not get aroused when I am with her ,but when I am in bed alone ,fantasizing about her I get aroused. So what is my problem, do I need to stop fantasies ,are these things sideffects of the my long term PMO addiction,how is that when I hold her,and touch her(she lets me touch her boobs) I do not get reaction downthere,and when I think of her naked body I get fully aroused.Is my brain so much addicted to PMO and fantasies that it doesnt feel a thing for a real woman?Why is that so?Quitting PMO and fantasies is the only way to get well,right?


much better not to fantasize

yes, you are right. Quitting PMO and quitting fantasy is the key. The brain thinks fantasy is real and reacts accordingly so stop that also in order to have a good reboot.

Good news about that other girl getting out of your life!

And nice that you found someone you really feel strongly about. 7 months seems like a long time not to see someone though, especially someone really new.

I was spending so much

I was spending so much quality time with her that I forgot to visit reuniteing.So ,anyway I am going to keep my promise to her,and the one to myself,wait on her and continue reboot.PMO is not so big problem,images in the head are.Today I woke up with erection and started to fantasize of having sex with her.I think that solution is as soon as fantasies occur I have to get out of bed and do something to occupy my mind.As the proverb says: Devil makes work for idle hands.Right?