Had sex,and afraid of the next one

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2 days ago I persuaded my gf (she is a virgin) to take off our clothes and start cuddling naked.I gave her few oral orgasms,and then,she gave me a bj .She cant get it fully up because I feel her hand like something strange,I am afraid that in her hand an her mouth it will go down,I am so full of anxious thoughts.But with few strokes of my hand ,it went up and I suggested that she comes and sits above me and rub her vagina on my penis.She said OK,but do not try to enter(she wants to remain virgin untill marriage,and she says that she wants to marry me) I started rubbing her,but suddenly I entered,she screamed I did in and out 10 times and she beg me to stop,I stopped at the moment just when my penis went limp.I turned the light on(we were in the back seat of my car) and I saw the small amount of blood on her vagina,and on my penis there was a blood stain.We cleaned up and I hugged and kissed her,told her about the reboot and my ED problem,she said we ll overcome it together and we decided to continue what we started.I gave her fingerjobs,oral and then we started having sex.She is strict catholic and she doesnt shave it,I had few times problem to find a entering spot and every time I missed my penis went limp,but her bj and a few strokes of my hand and up it went.Anyway it was a nice 5 hour sesion of gentle cuddling ,fingering,oral and I came in her 3 times,the last time lasted for 20 minutes and we came together.She is thrilled,and I am out of town for a week,every time we speak she says that she barely waits to repeat it again. My doubts are: 1.when we cuddle it goes half up and I think:will it go up and it goes down 2.her bj and her masturbating my penis cant get me fully up,I feel kind a strange,I am used to my own hand.3.when I am in her I start to think am I going limp,and one time I went,but the other three times,it did not go limp even though I had feeling it will go.I do not feel how deep I penetrate,but she says it is deep and nice.4.by our later calculation,it is her first day of her infertile days,what are the odds of her getting pregnant(I came in her every time,we did not use any protection)?I am having unreasonable fear of our next sex,that somehow I will not succeed to stay up,and she is so supportive and nice a true woman,who loves me just the way I am.


how delightful but don't get her pregnant!!

It sounds like things are going great. Really wonderful. I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you have a very loving and wonderful relationship.

The sensations that seem strange is of course just because it takes awhile for your reboot to proceed and for your penis and brain to become sensitive to someone else's touch.

Since I stopped masturbating, if my partner touches my penis I feel it ten times as much as I used to. The sensation is incredible but that took awhile to happen. It will happen for you as you continue with no PMO.

But please, do not get her pregnant. To my knowledge the only sure way to have intercourse unprotected with zero chance of getting a girl pregnant is when she is having her monthly period.

Thnx ,Emerson,nice to hear

Thnx ,Emerson,nice to hear reassuring words and good advice.But,few moments ago,the most weird thing has happened.I had a wet dream,and first I was dreaming having sex with my libririan,(she is 55) and then I started dreaming about sitting on stairs next to my neighbour(she is 60!!!she was my sexual fantasy 20yrs ago when I was teen) her massaging my testicles and penis and kaaabooom I ejaculated huge amount of sperm.Why is this happening?I had sex,emptied my tubes few days ago.In my previous reboot attempt,that lasted for one month I did not had any wet dream,why is this so.Maby because I am fantasizeing about my gf,I am reruning sceans of our sex over and over again.I have to stop that,even if it is about real partner,to brain that is porn.Right?

orgasms make you want the next one

That's what Marnia has called the chaser effect. It's the reason when you are rebooting it is a good idea to avoid orgasms. The body wants to have another one. So it did. No big deal, right?

Yes, best to avoid fantasy. It's hard to avoid when you've had a wonderful intense sexual experience, of course. But you are doing great.