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Well,it has happened again.I do not know who is to blame: stress on the job, bad sleeping because baby waking up,sexual exhaustion (sex every day).Suddenly I started watching other women,finding my wife not so sexualy atractive,compared to them.I then met my teen sexual fantasy,a widow,today 65 year old,I massaged her tits when she came to my home to ask my wife for a cake recepie.She gave me a phone number and told me to come over to her place ,but I resisted because I realized I love my wife and that this is a sin. I started masturbating on widow,watching erotic pictures,and then porn slowly but surely came in.For one month I was PMO addict,and it happened.One night I could not get it up on my wife who was once a godess of sex to me.Every next try was a faliure,limp,feeling emasculated ,head full of thoughts:will it go up,wil I be aroused and guess what happened,it did not get up.So now full of worries,feeling emasculated I 'm starting reeboot with support of my wife.I told her everything except for the widow,she is crazy about me,I love her,but sometimes I am a damn fool.I just want my sex life to be crazy and hot as it use to be,I just want my sex life back.



I am sorry, bro. Keep your head up and try to keep it all clear. You need a plan of attack and this is a good site to use.

Well, at least you know

the cure. If you want to maintain your attraction to your partner, you need a more balanced approach to sex. Usually the key is more affection, less fantasy, fetish and orgasm. Porn is obviously like poison to you. Treat it like an allergy. No compromise.

A true poison,you are right

A true poison,you are right Marnia.It is so easy to avoid something that inflicts your health.Reboot is going fine,and we are taking as much time I need ,and when the horniness overrides,I am going to avoid every porn related stuff.Learn from my mistake guys,stay off PMO,be smart and patient because reebot works. Thanks again to Marnia,a helpful friend,a comfort in sorrow,a light in darkness.

Marnia,you have hit an bulls

Marnia,you have hit an bulls eye!For a whole day I have been thinking,what the hell happened,how come I don't find a woman I am crazy for no more atractive?Everything is crystal clear to me now.Since the baby arrived,I started to sleep in separate room to get a good night sleep,because I must be concetrated on my job.The price was that we were making love as a chore and not as a part of love between a couple,without cuddling,without soft warm touch.I was getting so distant from her,and I begun to sink even deeper.So today I started to change that,I brought her a breakfast in bed,I cooked us a lunch so that she can have some rest,and now I will lay in bed with her,stroke her hair,untill she falls asleep,embrace her and sink in dreams with a woman I love in my arms. MARNIA,THANK YOU,REALLY THANK YOU A LOT ON YOUR HELPFUL ADVICES .

Yes, it's a funny thing

about "bonding behaviors." They have to be almost daily or the brain starts letting go.

So if you must sleep separately, at least snuggle before you separate for the nite, for find time for a cuddle (or more) in the day.

The primitive brain is powerful, eh? There's no reasoning with it. You have to "feed" it correctly if you want to direct it. Wink

For the last 2 days I devoted

For the last 2 days I devoted myself to my wife and child,without a job,TV,internet and it was beautyful.I am a bit sleepy,but it is worth to sleep and hold her in my arms.My goal is to be normal,so if that means enyoing in my wife embrace and the price is a bit of sleepness ,I'll take it.2 days ago I had morning erection and we made love,now I am a bit of flatlining,but that is OK,she just wanted to prove me that my mechanism is OK,but the problem is in brain PMO pollution.Reboot continues...