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Well,like Darryl said,a woman needs not only man for sex,but a man who will tell her how beautiful she is,who will make her laugh when she is sad,who will be there for her. That is the reason why I am in trouble.The girl I was seening is now 700km away from me,she phoned me and told me she needs me,I am right for her,and she knows that my willy will be OK one day,and that she will wait untill.Our conwersation yesterday ended sexualy,told me that she needs to masturbate,and she wants me to keep talking dirty to her,things were going harder and hornier,and she said ,masturbate with me.I ended up masturbating.And this evening same thing,MO. I RELAPSED.She wants me to do it,but I do not want to do no more damage to me,I want to get well soon,but by doing this I will sink,and ruin that small succes I achived.What should I do,I like her a lot,but I need time and peace to get well with myself?


can't be doing that

Gotta cut out the O entirely if you want to get better. It's best for both you and her in the long run. And, ultimately, you're most important. No one is worth this area of your life not being in order. If you lose the girl, so it goes- there will be others. But you gotta heal else you're always going to have to be absent.

why can't you communicate

My wife sometimes offers me food when I'm on a fast. After awhile, she figures I'm not going to want it, I'm not going to eat it, and she no longer offers. I explain that I don't want her to offer me food, and she has stopped.

Just tell your GF that you do not want to come. And that you cannot. And that she is distracting you and an orgasm hinders your recovery. I don't know why this is complicated. It isn't. It is just that she is tempting you. Be strong. There will be a lot of tempting things.

And having a GF is a huge advantage for you. If you do a lot of non sexual bonding and maybe some Karezza, you can recover much more easily than guys on their own. It is so, so much easier. But you need to clearly communicate your needs and draw the line with a lot of explanation and then STICK to it.

You can't wuss out and masturbate with her. Be a man and show resolve and don't do it, and she'll go along with you and you'll be a lot better off I'm thinking.