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Reboot works.I am not completly healed,but I can say that I am 80% well.What has happened in 22 days.Magic of love,supportive and loving partner , slow return of selfesteem and offcourse strong motivation of advices and support given by Gary,Marnia,Emerson and other people on this site. SO HERE IT IS: After first sex with my gf,next time in the car I gave her an oral and tried to get an erection but I did not succeed without masturbation and then I went in her thinking :will it go down,and it went down.She was patient,she told me:no more masturbation,the only hand on that penis will be mine from now on.She gave me a BJ and when I went up she sit on me and I had nice sex.Half hour later she did it again.Next night it happend again,and the night after that one.And then she told me:No more car sex we are going to bed.That night my mind was poisoned with dark thoughts like I am not man enough,I am not able to do what man is supposed to do,I can't get it up,and my penis normally stayed dead,even when she gave me a BJ.I told her:why are you with me ,what use have you from man who can't give you what you deserve,it is best that we break up.And she told me :Sex is not the reason why I am with you,I love you,you are OK,your penis is OK,but your brain is not.I' ve had good sex with you,I will have it again it is just the matter of time,I will stay with you.So hug me and go back to sleep ,silly.I went sleeping and in the middle of the night I found myself fully erected by her hand,she sat on me and whooom,the wildest sex happened.We repeated it 3 times.The next day the same,and day by day number of intercourses started to rise.My penis started to get up by itself sometimes,but mostly with few strokes of her hand it goes like rocket.I am not lying,my average was 5 intercourses per night(last night I had 7),plus the oral I give her between sexes.She calls me "my private sex machine"and I feel like one.Still I have small problem,I am able to have sex with her on top,on other positions I am not relaxed,and sometimes I go limp.So I stick to this one and by time I will be able to conquer this obstacle.We engaged,she is now out of country for 6 months,and when she returns we will get married.This 6 month period will be PMO free,it will help me to get in even better shape.My advice guys is,stick to reboot ,it works,I too had some doubts,and I had few PMO free periods,and then I would sink in hell of porn and masturbation.The longest period was one month,and then I relapsed few weekr,went on reboot ,and after day 15 I had my first sex with my future wife.Reboot works,patience,faith and strenght is all you need.Porn and Viagra are two branches of the same tree which grows on poisned brains of unaware victims.


Yes ,off course.I am now 35,I

Yes ,off course.I am now 35,I started with porn early,looking at my father's porn magazines,then VHS,then DVD,and finally came high speed internet,a porn treasure chest.I was searching more and more harder stuff,looking for the perfect clip.In that quest I came along on Milfs,Gilfs,BBC,swingers,transexuals,gays,etc...I began to suffer from HOCD,PE,ED.The only way to get well is to admit that PMO is the problem and by starting a reboot and wining relapses is a way to get well.Relapse is a part of reboot ,and it takes time and will to win it.I got myself support in my gf and it speaded and eased my reboot.

great news

glad to hear about your success. Now the hard work begins. Keep participating here, keep posting, keep away from PMO, remember your mind is going to create thoughts like "just a peek is okay" or "it won't hurt you, these are just stills of girls in bikinis" or whatever. Just realize your mind will create these thoughts, and just ignore them!

I noticed that allready,mind

I noticed that allready,mind is a powerful enemy,and whenever I get those thougts I say to myself :NO! You 've been there and you are not coming back.I have won the hardest battle,but the war is still going on,so I 'll keep on posting.THNX Emerson.

Thnx Marnia ,it is nice to

Thnx Marnia ,it is nice to have sucess and happines back in life again.My life has turned 360ยค ,and it is nice.Good advices , reasuring and positive words from you and Gary helped me a lot.It is easy to read those words,but to do what the words say,incorporating them in the life was the hardest part...