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Well,it is official.The Lent has started.I am catholic and I told to my girlfriend that I cant have no more phone sex ,because I promised to abstain of PMO during Lent.I know,that if I can endure 40 days ,under religious ban, I won't relapse,and after I ll be able to do more days.My question is: is it selfish to use faith,religion as a support a mean of maintaining stability of personality,as a red X in order not to relapse?Can a religion be an useful tool in a process of rebooting and rewireing?


Sort of.

Hi there, I'm a lifelong Catholic. What I have discovered is that our faith is really good for teaching us the meaning and beauty of human sexuality*, but it is not good at helping with the addiction component. The Catholic Church is not a therapy clinic. Believe me, I have tried using it as one. I've talked to a lot of priests over the years, and most of them don't have a clue that this is an addiction (cue the pedophile jokes in 3...2...). As Catholics, we do have access to some great writing on the subject--for example, Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, a very dense book on human sexuality.

In my opinion, simply being Catholic is not enough--one must know his faith so that he knows who he is in relation to God, seek to live his faith as best he can, and get outside help for addiction recovery.

* Note: It is a popular myth that Catholics think sex is shameful and bad--that's Puritans, not Catholics. Catholics love sex and think it is great (where do you think those big Catholic families come from?).


I just made an oath to go for 90 days w/ out PMO and I WILL STICK TO IT. I have made an oath to stop drinking, smoking tobacco and weed and have stuck to it every time I have made it. I went from May-Sept of last year without smoking or drinking because of an oath and I made another one starting on New Years and have stuck to it with no temptations.

I think I am conditioned because of my deep faith and fasting and sticking to it in the past. In other words I have been raised this way and because I truly understand and believe in the Lords messages he has blessed me so. If you have faith you can accomplish anything.

Stick to it and pray to God when you are tempted he does hear you.

This prayer might help:
114:1 SAY: "I seek refuge with the Sustainer of men, the Sovereign of men, the God of men, from the evil of the whispering, elusive tempter (Satan) who whispers in the hearts of men from all [temptation to evil by]invisible forces as well as men."

*The "invisible forces" from which we are told to seek refuge with God are the temptations to evil emanating from the blindness of our own hearts, from our gross appetites, and from the erroneous notions and false values that may have been handed down to us by our predecessors.

have faith and dont even ask if God exists!

i started my rebooting process on 14 november , saying that ill stop PMO during the ADVENT , im Orthodox so the advent starts on 15 november , started going to church too (hadnt gone to church before that since i was around 14 , and now im 21), was really hard to abstain but when the advent has finnished i had been off PMO for 1 and half month , i was very very proud , withoud God i wouldnt have made it , since then i didnt M or saw P , i just dont want to ruin everything.