Three month after(REBOOT WORKS)

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Well,it has happened a lot.It has been almost three month since my last blog entry.First I have to say to Marnia,and all other members:Thanx,your support means a lot to me,and second:REBOOT WORKS GUYS! All you need is loving partner,trust and patience.My gf and I stopped PMO addiction together,quitted phone sex,and started having,good and passionate sex.The result?The baby is on it's way,and we 're getting married in two month.Problems?Well,guys reboot is ongoing process and it takes time to gain confidence.A week ago I went on the porn site and I started thinking:"What is this crap,it is not a true sex,what do I needed this for anyway?" And I went of the site,and installed porn blocker (MetaCert),because man is weak and needs help to avoid a "just one peek "situation,to win an addiction.I remember one day,a whole day of sex,I think I orgasmed 13 times.Sometimes,thougts like:"Will it get up?" emerge the surface,but they vaporise in the passionate sex.Few days ago,I had wonderful sex in the morning and in the night I couldnt get it up.Perhaps I was exhausted from multiple sex every day,perhaps my head is full of wedding preparations pressure,perhaps I felt that sex was something I have to do,a task that I have to perform,which I did not.Sex is about relaxation and enjoyment,not a task and reboot is a process that takes time and it has it's ups and downs,but the main thing is :REBOOT WORKS.



you deserve a lot of congratulations. What wonderful work you have done, and I am so happy for you. Thanks for visiting and letting us know. That is so great!

I 'm not going to quit this

I 'm not going to quit this forum,you did not gave up from me when I was in my worst moments,and the most fair thing is that I give support to the other guys by sharing my experience.Once again,THNX a lot.

Thnx,Marnia on nice wishes

Thnx,Marnia on nice wishes,your advices and support have helped me a lot.I think Karezza is the next step for me.Offcourse, I am going to share my story on those sites,because when I was in trouble,I was looking for the stories of people who succeed with their reboot.


Long time no see ! Well the news for all of you out there : Thanks to advices from this page I have crazy sex life,a loving wife and a 4 and half month old baby boy !Marnia,Gary,Emerson THNX a lot!!!.Guys stick to reeboot,no matter how long it takes it helps,it works!When I stumble upon at porn content now,I just see it as junk and turn other way around,we do not need that shit in our life.Stay away of PMO and that leads to happy life and becoming a true and mean horny,wife hungry beast and loving husband and proud dad.