Want to continue PMO abstain,but how?!!

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Well,strong as a rock,I promised to be,but here I am on the road again,on the road to destruction.I got well with the help of my fiancee,normal sex,I become happy,super horny,having sex was so good feeling.Now she is away for 6 month.10 days I am without her,I was sucessfuly avoiding PMO,my only problem was fantasies.I was daydreaming about us making love.Then on the day 8 without her,I went to her parents on the supper.I couldn't get my eyes of her sister,my future sister in law(think that her husband who is 65 noticed that,maby she did not,I hope),I started fantasizeing about having sex with her.She is 42 and good looking,speaks and thinks like my gf.Then same day my gf called me and asked me how was supper and warned me not to look on her sister,and said she will give me something to look.Yesterday she sent me her nude pics on my mobile and asked me to send her mine and after that to have phone sex because she cant masturbate without hearing my voice.I did that,I masturbated to get erected for pics and then I did what she asked me to do.I was in the same situatiom with the girl I had before her,it was hell.So after that I started to masturbate on her pics,I even fantasised about having sex with her sister(why do I do this?!I love my gf and I wouldnt cheat on her.AM I SICK?) I orgasmed so many times that my groins hurt now and it hurts like hell.I am going to stop,but how can I do that if she wants me to help her whenever she feels like masturbating.I love her madly,and she loves me too,she is crazy about me,but I want to continue to abstain from PMO,my old fears even returned(will I get an ED next time I am with her?),I do not want our conversation to become sex talks.My God this is quite a mess in my head.What is the solution of this problem?


Thnx,Emerson,fast reliable

Thnx,Emerson,fast reliable and helpful as allways.I said that to her,love is not that,sending photos and masturbation on phone is in fact porn behaviour .She started crying and explained that she did that because she wants me and misses me and she doesnt want me to forget her.We agreed,deleted all pics and I continue with my PMO abstain.Plus there is slight chance that I will become dad,so we are waiting if aunt Flo will arrive or not.

good for you

very smart. She just needs to be educated. That you love her and want her and that sending nude pix and such in your situation isn't necessary to keep your love. And that you love her just as much or more. It's education. And you did that, and you did the right thing.

I do not know how things are

I do not know how things are in States,but here in Croatia if you cant trust to your wife for 2.5 months you do not trust her at all.When people love each other they do not cheat.It is same thing if someone cheats far away from you,or at home.Every man and woman can play fool and cheat,but the meaning of relationship is mutual trust and love.Why to beg for coins when you got treasure chest at home?

Well as long as you're

Well as long as you're confident about it.

I just heared too many of these stories or encountered this so many times.

I didn't want to scare you though, so I wish you the best :)

THNX,well, we all man and

THNX,well, we all man and woman must have trust in each other,and only time can tell will we succeed in saving love and making our life a paradise or we will end up like number in divorcee statistics.