Just relapsed

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First of all...I just wanted to say that I'm new here. My name is Ludwig and I'm 15. I went 2 weeks without porn and 9 days without masturbation, And now I'm beating myself up for relapsing...My voice has become deeper and for the first time in a long time I had morning wood, and now I fucked it all up... Am I back at square on again now?



Two weeks was a great start.

Just keep going. And keep in mind that you're very young. Unless you have a sweetie, you may eventually have to incorporate masturbation on a schedule (with no porn fantasy...just sensation).

What encouraged you to give this a try? Were you seeing symptoms?

What caused the relapse? Can you avoid the trigger next time?

Problems with erections

I never had morning wood, I never got boners. I only got hard when touching myself...I didn't know what the problem was. I'm also antisocial and can't talk with girls. Months went and I finally found Yourbrainonporn.com. I don't know what the trigger was...But I'll keep trying...I'm just so damn dissapointed at myself right now. Did it all go to waste? or has my brain recovered a little bit even if I looked at porn?

The cravings should settle down

over the next few days. Just do your best to stay busy. Guys here say exercise, meditation and socializing are three of the best ways to cope.

Try this: Do an errand in the mall (or on the street) and just practice looking people in the eye and smiling a bit (mostly in your eyes). Start with older people. Then, if you see a girl, think silently, "You're cute!" while you smile. Good practice. It gets easier with time.