3.05.2013 Day 2 without Orgasm

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I masturbated twice Saturday night (making love to my bed face down) and while the act was not very enjoyable I felt very energetic/talkative on Sunday. I thought maybe I could get away with any ill effects but sadly it's not the case. I slept in until 11 this morning throwing my sleep routine off track. Ejaculation always leaves me very tired. I was a little horny today, let's face it masturbation always sounds like fun. Not looking forward to tomorrow as the third day is always the worse and when ever I abstain wet dreams are there to throw off the recovery process. I have a feeling that they might actually be part of the recovery process. Day 3 is always the toughest.


we all have our own goals, problems etc.

and i apologize in advance if this reads as suggesting something which you don't want.
I'm curious though:
What you describe sounds like it could perfectly a fine sexual act - yet it is undesirable.

feeling tired the next morning seems OK, a part of life, to some one getting over ED (hopefully) like myself after strong erections.

And as some one who quit porn recently it also sounds like a positive experiance as you didn't use porn.

The only 'explanation' (thru my lense) is that you are working towards duo sex? or feel the need to remove compulsion.

Again I'm certainlynot trying to interfere with your path, or project my journey on yours - I'm reading the very many perspectives here and trying learn,

all the best...

Yes, I really believe that

Yes, I really believe that reservation of semen and abstinence in singleness are very healthy. I could see that for someone who's just given up porn how this would be considered an improvement. I don't like compulsive masturbation, I feel less in control of myself. Yes Marnia, I'm aware that face down masturbation is worse. I've been wearing jeans to bed help resist the urge :).

Just don't

tell me you're wearing a hair shirt. Wink

Quite honestly, you probably just need to socialize more with potential mates. What can you do to increase that in your life? Also, are you exercising a lot? Have you tried Cold Showers?