day 56 no P, back to 1 of no MO

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checking in,

I have made it 2 months no porn and i feel much better because of it. unfortunately i have MO'd a few times in the past 10 days due to being under stress. however, i have been able to get erections about 70-80% without even using porn, so i have most defintitly made progress. my libido is coming back and i do get random erections, but some days are better than others.

starting today i am going abstinent and really give my penis at least a month to heal some more and then go for two. i do think that MO'ing has hindered my progress somewhat, but i feel i can make up for it. i went through the flatline for a few weeks but i did make it out and am starting to return to normal.

i do realize however that masturbating is perfectly normal, what wasnt normal was the porn, which i can clearly see now. recovery doesn't happen over night and will absolutely take many months for me but what's good is i'm never going back to porn and haven't even thought about it in a long while. now that i am not under stress anymore i feel i have much more control over myself and my ability to persevere and succeed with this.


nothing in particular, i

nothing in particular, i would just assume that if i had gotten 2 months without p or mo that the recovery process would go quicker. i could be wrong but after all those years masturbating i imagine that it would be more beneficial over longterm to just not do it at all for a while.