30 Day Man Challenge

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some of these things I already do. but I wondered how much of a impact on my life it would make if I were more strict about it so here goes

for 30 days I will not break these rules.

1. I will cook all my meals (I eat a lot of fast food)
2. I will wake up at 5 am
3. I will not Masturbate or look at porn (this one is a no brainer, Just putting it here for good measure)
4. I will exercise everyday
5. I will take cold showers everyday
6. i will study Spanish everyday
7. I will meditate at least twice a day, listen to confidence mp3 daily
8. I will walk with proper posture
9. I will work on my book daily
10. I will smile more
11. drink 3 bottles of water daily

I currently weight 195 lbs and I am on day 85 of no porn.

The goal here is to see how much I can better myself in 30 days by pushing myself to the limit.

I will have a full report on December 26th about any changes or improvements seen, Wish me luck



very true

I do want balance. but I also believe in greatness through sheer hard work. I am excited to see how much greater I can become by giving it my all all the time.

Love this idea, think i'll be

Love this idea, think i'll be attempting my own version - how do you keep to the list day in day out? Do you have the list on a piece of paper or stored in your iphone notes or do you just remember it or whatever?