20-minute interview women here might find worthwhile

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Audio Interview: Are You Having Spiritual Sex?

Starts out with the usual talking points about shame and guilt that I have trouble relating to, but moves beyond them.



It was neat to hear her

It was neat to hear her acknowledge female post-orgasm hangover! Here's are some high points:

She's all about chakras. "The process of life is moving up the chakras," she says, and, "each chakra needs to become strong and balanced for us to develop into mature people."

She says she experienced post-orgasm hangover, feeling cranky, irritated, and disconnected in the relationship. She says this happens because in Chakra 2 sex, energy has been focused on "me getting off." (Chakra 2 is located a few inches below the navel and does govern sexuality.)

In Chakra 2 sex, the focus is me, me, me, me, and that doesn't make me feel good and doesn't make me feel connected to a partner.

Connecting in a Chakra 4 way is different. This is the heart chakra, the beacon of love and light. Positive, loving people are strong and balanced in this chakra.

In higher chakra sex, instead of being focused on self, you're focused on giving. You experience expansion, oneness, bliss, enlightenment. Whole-body orgasm as opposed to genital.

Life is fabulous when you're connected. People think they're going for success, etc., but they're actually going for the feeling of connection. Connection takes place from chakra 4 and up.