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My guess is that if you get too near the edge, and don't calm things down together, this could hold true for karezza as well. I wish researchers were investigating all the options better.


Funny, with regard to sleep,

Funny, with regard to sleep, my body's response to ejaculation has changed with my adoption of Karezza. Back when my wife and I were practicing ordinary, climactic intercourse, we typically had intercourse at night. I slept deeply, but it was as if I had had a drink or two; not really the most refreshing sleep, and I kind of felt groggy in the morning. Now that we practice Karezza, we have intercourse typically in the afternoon, not at night. I have not paid particular attention to the effect of Karezza on my sleep. But, when I have an inadvertent ejaculation during Karezza, I typically have lighter, interrupted, not-as-restful sleep. So, for me, nowadays, ejaculation clearly and typically means poorer sleep, while the complement, no ejaculation, must mean sounder sleep.

Thanks for the info

My husband has never had any trouble falling asleep, but we're also usually afternoon lovers.

I've heard people who drink alcohol describe the same phenomenon as you describe after ejaculation. Namely, alcohol makes it easy to fall asleep, but overall sleep quality is noticeably worse.

my wife falls asleep after intercourse

most of the time it helps her get to sleep.

It doesn't do anything one way or another for me. I can fall asleep with or without. We usually have intercourse in the morning anyway but sometimes she gets up early and is tired and we have intercourse and she goes back to sleep. It's non orgasmic 99% of the time for her, and 95% of the time for me.

Anecdotal data: yes, hotter

Anecdotal data: yes, hotter karezza and/or insufficient cool down impairs getting to sleep, and moreso for him in our case. Also he sleeps lightly, waking up with urgency for orgasm-driven sex.

I thought it was pretty well known that men often use orgasm to get to sleep. I guess they were just checking?

Not to get into the weeds, but do men release more prolactin with orgasm than women? Would that partially explain the gender disparity in getting to sleep? (I already see a hole in this - women can have different kinds of orgasms... and so can men. Ah, it's tricky work, quantifying extremely subjective phenomena. )

(Incidentally, Douglas rushkoff (and others) wrote about Francis Bacon applying rape metaphors to vouch for the scientific method . Hence, it's expected that science makes sex into bad.)

Knocked Out

As I recall, I would totally crash after orgasm...nothing at all unpleasant...sated....just slip gently into sleep. My Isadora? dunno, I was gone