Have you read "Cheap Sex" by Regnerus?

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I think everyone on this forum would find it fascinating reading. Here's my review from Amazon:

“Cheap Sex” is a clear-eyed assessment of sexual activity, mating and bonding in US culture. Well written, well edited and well grounded in both quantitative and qualitative research, this book expertly and compassionately lays out the less obvious (and largely unintended) effects of reproductive freedom and technologically enhanced “cheap sex.” A recurring theme in the book is that more and hotter orgasms with more partners are paradoxically associated with increasing loneliness across the population.

While many young people still want to marry, the current culture doesn’t encourage them to “practice” for an exclusive, enduring relationship. As Regnerus puts it, young people want to find good partners without contributing to the kind of normative relationship behavior that conditions better mates. This won’t work in his view because good husband material (for example) doesn’t occur naturally. (He adds that the same is true of the “douchebags” that his female interviewees complained of. They are made, not born.)
For Regnerus, much of the current situation can be explained by cheaply available sex. While easy sexual gratification de-motivates (or delays) young people from taking on the responsibilities of commitment, it has the hidden cost of discouraging some young people from developing into responsible, mate-worthy adults.
“Cheap Sex” is a thought-provoking book with useful insights for readers of all political persuasions and sexual orientations. It’s highly readable. Readers will learn intriguing trivia, such as who seeks divorce most often, porn use rates among different orientations, and the meanings of lesser-known terms like “Appalachian mating call” and “compersion.” Readers can also decide whether they agree with Regnerus’s predictions at the end of the book.