Karezza sex is the key to a passionate love life. Find out what it's all about

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Here's the newest thing everyone's buzzing about: Karezza sex! What exactly is this and how will it spice up your sex life? Read on!

The rules are laid out pretty loud and clear — When it comes to sex, having orgasms is the ultimate goal every couple has. And that is the shortcoming (pun intended) of the way we perceive sex. Much like life, sex isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

People are always looking to reinvent their sex life and are always hunting down new ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Experts around the globe have been trying to do the same and here’s the newest thing everyone’s buzzing about — Karezza sex! What exactly is this? Who came up with this? What’s the history behind this and how will it spice up your sex life? Read on!

Experts have said that if couples can ignite the kind of passion Victorians showed towards sex, their love life would be way more exciting. The secret of real intimacy lies in a bedroom practice from the 19th century called Karezza. Karezza encourages both males and females to abstain from orgasms while having sex. The basic gist of the idea is: abstain from climaxing and your love making experience will be longer and more intimate. Don’t focus on orgasms, focus on forming an emotional connection and affection to create a deep feeling that leaves you feeling loved and fulfilled.

Karezza involves a lot of caressing, passionate gazing and touching instead of focusing on orgasming. Of course, not everyone agrees with this technique. Many people have put forth arguments saying why would they run a race and not even cross the finishing line? But there have been a plethora of couples who have said that this Victorian technique has really helped their sex life and they enjoy making love more often now.

Doctors believe that tuning into your sexual energies and channeling them in the bedroom via passion sends sensations that feel like electricity running down your body and create a full-body orgasm that can last as long as you want it to, instead of the rather brief type genital orgasm that everyone runs towards.

Here’s the main question though: Would you enjoy sex that does not involve orgasms? Tell us what you think.

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I would at least be interested to try it

If I was married, I would indeed consider trying Karezza with my partner - at least at some point. Right now, I just look forward to having "regular" marital relations one day, with passionate love making and wonderful climaxes together (by the way, I especially imagine it being a nice experience to see my partner climaxing). But again, I would be open to at least trying Karezza, and I hope my future husband would be too!