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Marnia, would you post this please on the forum. I just cant seem to do it.


Donna Philippe was my best friend for life, my teacher, mentor, companion and sacred Karezza lover.

She was a true spiritual warrior for truth. She introduced me to Karezza in 2010 and we grew even more deeply in love and closer during that time.

I am privileged to have known her for 27 years, to learn from her and then help guide her toward the Greater Life. 

She taught me to want God, the One Infinite Creator, and nothing else. 

The best way to honor her life is to listen to the words she wrote to help her prepare for a conscious death.

She worked on this for ten years and as a tribute to her, I recorded music, read her words and recorded it.

I was able to play it over and over as she lay dying in her final stages.

She died at home in our bed on August 5, 2019. Donna was 73.



I am sorry for the loss of

I am sorry for the loss of your Donna, Kevin. What a blessing to have had a kindred spirit in your life for 27 years. I know her true, spiritual self will be speaking to you and showing herself to you. May you feel her love and presence, Kevin, and may it give you comfort and strength.