Make Sex, not Love? Über die “Scharfstellung” unserer Triebe! | Heike Melzer | TEDxStuttgart

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Men are reporting that Viagra works with porn, and with partners not at all.

German medical doctor and neurologist speaks about porn's effects on relationships.

German with English subtitles. Excellent.


Her mind and heart are in the

Her mind and heart are in the right place. But, just saying no is too difficult, when it comes to stopping eating wheat or watching porn. Folks need to know of a nourishing, satisfying alternative, such as quinoa or Karezza.
I hope you are able to contact her and inform her of the nourishing, satisfying, grounding alternative that you have introduced us to, Marnia!

Isn't she saying there is an

Isn't she saying there is an alternative in that no is required for a yes to love openness? I don't know if one needs to particularize the alternatives. For example, it can be an efffecitve diet technique to prefer another junk food more. That creates delay and usually one won't bother seeking out that junk food later. She seems to be advocating a parallel process about whether whatever we do sexually moves us in some direction which is the notion of a compass that's come up here before.